What You Will Learn:

This course will teach you, in a concise fashion, everything you need to know to analyze stocks & indices - and how to trade them for immense profit - potentially on a daily basis!

  • Take control of your trading - Stop relying on signals and learn to find your own profitable trades.

  • Learn how to anticipate massive movements in share prices - before they happen.

  • Create a thorough set of rules to find ideal entry and exit - no more guessing games.

  • Graded quizzes included for the critical portions of the course - make sure you're ready to move on!

  • Learn a straightforward, repeatable, and profitable system to find high-probability trade setups every single day.

Course Summary

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  • Learn the "Why"

    Explanation of the big-picture, foundational concepts of Technical Analysis, and why they are important.

  • Learn the "How"

    Comprehensive yet concise introduction & application of the most important Technical Analysis tools - with no fluff.

  • Put it all Together!

    How to apply everything you've learned in real-life trading - with bonus videos of me doing the same.